Saturday, May 19, 2012

Forever 21 Haul!!

today, I wanted to show you what I ordered at Forever 21 last night.
usually, I wanted to tweet about this but then I thought "hey, why not blog about it?!" :)

so the first thing I got, is this BEAUTIFUL one shoulder colorblock bodycon dress:  

ahhhh I'm so excited to wear this dress!! 

I think I'm going to wear it with a nice cardigan and black tights on colder days.  I'm in love with this dress ♥

I also love this trimmed blouson top: 
recently, I've been loving tops with cutout shoulders haha :')

look at this gorgeous lace tank top:

I looove ruffle tops and lace tops and this one is even combining these two! :)

now for the bottoms..

such a beautiful skirt! it's a white mesh skirt:

and these shorts are so cute!! there are called lace trimmed denim cutoffs: 

of course, I've been eyeing some jewellry ;)
 a cute dove & heart charm necklace:

bow studs:

beaded drop earrings:

hope you liked this post :) xx